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Review: Black Dust Mambo by Adrian Phoenix

Jul 16, 2011

Book 1 in the Hoodoo Series

Kallie Rivière is a hoodoo apprentice who has decided to partake of the annual Hecatean Alliance carnival in New Orleans.  Little does she know that the morning after will bring such deadly results. Someone has killed Kallie’s carnival hookup and used one of the most evil jujus, a juju that eats souls.

Kallie must now find answers to the deadly hex.  She must clear herself of all wrong doing using all the hoodoo she has been taught to protect herself and those she loves.  A killer must be found before more of those Kallie loves die.  

The answers Kallie uncovers carry her back home to the bayou to face the killer and uncover truths.

I gave this book a 4

Entrancing! Conjuring! New Series Love!   Black Dust Mambo by Adrian Phoenix needs it’s own choir because it’s voodoo gospel! I love the voodoo you do, Adrian!  Black Dust Mambo was an amazing read.  I was completely under Adrian Phoenix’s voodooism.  The curtains were parted and a glimpse of an esoteric world that is unique to New Orleans was revealed.  Kallie is the secret ingredient that is found in this Cajun hoodoo delight.  Every sense was captivated by this singular brilliant book.   I am currently on the hunt for book 2 in the Hoodoo Series,  Black  Heart Loa.  I can wait to delve deeper into this eclectic series! 

P.S.  I want more Layne!

Publisher: Pocket

Source Code: R


  1. Hey Dana - check out "Cry Havoc" - chockfull of hoodoo, Midwest Book Review called it a "tautly written and highly recommended novel".

    Saw your post about Black Dust Mambo on Twitter and now I must read it. Thanks!

  2. What's up, Dana - this book sounds very interesting. I don't think I've read anything with a voodoo theme before. Thx for the review. I'll be taking a closer look at this author for sure.

  3. Mmm another voice calling my name to read this book/author! It's already on my wishlist, now it just went up a few places.


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