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Jul 17, 2011

chasedbymoonlightChased by Moonlight
Book 2 in the Moonlight Series
by Nancy Gideon

          “Would I step in front of a bullet for you?”
          “Yes. Would I stand off a room full of angry were-creatures to protect you?

           Without blinking an eye. Does that frighten you, Savoie? To know you mean that much to me?”


He pulled her up to meet the hard, hungry slant of his mouth. She straddled his lap, holding his face between her palms so she could return the urgency, the longing, the desperate need that always flickered like a pilot light just waiting to take flame. And just as that pyre of want was about to consume her, he fisted his hand in her hair to pull her back slightly so he could study her passion-flushed features, and she could delve into the glittery heat of this stare.

“Would you break your precious laws for me?” he asked with a sudden fierce intensity. “Would you look the other way while I broke them?”

Her mood cooled slightly, as did her tone. “I’ve bent them plenty already.”

“The truth, Charlotte.”

“Yes,” she growled out. “It would destroy everything I built my life on. It would strip me of every ounce of dignity and self-respect. But I would do it, without hesitation, without regret, if you asked me to. That’s how much you mean to me. And if you care for me even half that much, you would never ask.”

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