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Jun 29, 2011

The Movie Experience

      I've been reading about theaters banning the use of cell phones for a while, now. I had imagined it was due to the ringing being a disturbance to the audience, and I had been saying "what ev",  but after last night I have to say it's much more than that!  I went to watch Transformers last night, it was the BOMB!  My only complaint about the movie was that I chose to watch the 3D version.  What was the complaint?  Well, I live in a Spanish speaking country so we have these very annoying and I must admit necessary subtitles.  It becomes very  exasperating when all you want is to watch the movie but have to see the subtitles flying up on the screen. You're forced to read it, too!  I can honestly say that not only do I watch the movies, but I READ them, too! This was made even more tortuous by the 3D experience.  Every time the subtitles changed they came at me at lightning speed.  Ok, I may be overreacting, but it was bad! The glasses become a bit much, too.  Well, that about sums it up about the movie, but let me tell you about the audience.  As it stands now, cell phones haven't been banned on the island, but you are asked via a public announcement on the screen, to turn of your ringer.  What I hadn't noticed until last night, was how much light there was in the theater during the movie.  You ask "light?" Yes, light!  I was surrounded by peeps texting and FBing!  You wouldn't think it was that big of a deal, but it was bothersome every time a phone would light up.  Then the peeps texting would turn to their friends and make comments about post.  Instead of it being a just me and the movie, it was me, the movie, the subtitles, the illumination of cell phones, and a bevy of conversation.   I can no longer say "what ev", it is beyond irritating having to watch a movie, with so many distractions.  It may be time to take a stand just like they have in other theaters, NO PHONES!

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  1. Another reason for banning phones is to prevent people from videotaping the movie. But I really do understand your irritation, I would feel the same.


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