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Review: A Most Sinful Proposal by Sara Bennett

Jun 7, 2011

The Husband Hunters Club Series ~ Book #2

Marissa Rotherhild wants to marry and have children, but she in no way wants the life her parents shared of endless traveling and forays into all things botanical.  She just wants to find that one person she can get along with and share in the pleasantries society has to offer.   She has been patient and has tried to wait for the right person to come into her life, to no avail. When things turn out differently for Marissa, she decides to take matters into her own hands and make the most shocking proposal to a man she knows can teach and fulfill her every fantasy.   She wants all the pleasure Lord Valentine Kent has to offer.

Lord Valentine Kent is a gentleman, but from the moment he sets eyes on the lovely Marissa, all thoughts of gallantry are lost.  His body reminds him that he is alive and the women before him stirs the fires of passion long held dormant. Kent's desires for the beautiful Marissa will have to wait, he has to find a missing rose, before can allow his passions free rein.

Kent and Marissa will soon learn that even the most well laid plans are no match for the powers of desire.

I gave this book a 3.5

Romantically Endearing!  Exceptional!  Engaging!   I so enjoyed the second book in the Husband Hunter's Club.   A Most Sinful Proposal was a terrific read.  Lord Valentine can have my number any day.  His gentleness and intelligence just add to his allure.  Sara Bennett has created a wonderful series where even nerds rock!  I highly recommend this book and series, you will find it to be well written and beyond witty.  I look forward to the next book in the series, To Pleasure a Duke, coming in October.  Sara is currently working on book four!   Make sure to visit Sara Bennett to read more on the series.

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  1. Great review Dana, you really tempt me to pick up some historical authors like Sara Bennett again! I have a whole stack of her books on my shelves somewhere.


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