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Review: Blood Law by Karin Tabke

Jun 7, 2011

 Book 1 ~ Blood Moon Trilogy
Revenge has ripped apart the Vulkasin Lycan pack.  Souls have been torn asunder with a vengeance, that only the Blood Law will appease.  Alpha Rafael's only mission is to keep his pack alive and to do everything in his power to allow it to flourish.  The time has come for him to choose a mate for the good of the pack. Even if it means he has to sacrifice her.

Falon Corbet has never belonged, she knows she is different. She doesn't know who she is, but she knows what she is capable of.   She finds herself on the brink of death when she is saved by a blond lycan warrior.   Her beauty captivates those around her, especially Rafael.  Falon is lost to the feelings Rafael invokes in her.

Rafael senses that the human he has saved is special. He must make decision for the future of the back and  Falon is the key.  The Alfa's beast will choose Falon, and the man will soon follow. 

Everything will change when Rafael brings Falon to the pack.   A twin brother will create havoc and draw a greater divide in the pack.   All will be prepared for the battle, especially the enemy.  Lines will be drawn and the Blood Law will be upheld.

I gave this book a 4

Ambrosial!  Seductive!   Delectable!  A fascinating and exciting new take on the Lycan legend.  Magic, lore and all things wolfish can be found in this new trilogy.  Ms. Karin Tabke will hypnotise you with her storytelling prowess.  You will be drawn into a world where only the strongest survive. I could not stop reading and pulled an "all nighter" with this one. Karin Tabke is now officially on my list of favorite authors. I'm always excited about finding new series.  Although this story is on the erotic side of the romantic spectrum, its solid story foundation allows for all the extras.   I highly recommend this book for the summer.  I can't wait for the second book .  For all you readers that hate cliffhangers, BEWARE!  You will want to scream with the need to find out more by the end of this book!  BRAVA!, Ms. Karin Tabke.

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Source Code:  R


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