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Jun 5, 2011

Blood Moon Trilogy ~  Book 1
by Karin Tabke

Falon moaned. Pain mixed with an inexplicable pleasure slid sensuously across her skin, sinking into her muscles and bones, then deeper, to her womb. Moist heat trailed across her nipples, then painstakingly slowly, down her belly. Anticipation flared with a want so deep, so profound, she sobbed. Hot breath hovered just above her mons. The need for more took over. Grabbing the sheets she lay upon, Falon twisted them tightly around her hands, afraid if she reached out, the sensations would evaporate. She craved this touch with every cell in her body. She had lived her entire life without it.

She wanted all of it.

Her thighs parted, her hips rose. Hot breath fanned the tender flesh there.

“God,” she moaned. “Make it stop.”

Possessive hands cupped her breasts.

“Ah,” she gasped, melting into the erotic pressure. “More,” she begged. The urgency in her blood demanded more. More pressure, more intensity. Penetration.

It was the most erotic dream she had ever had.

No longer did she feel the pain from that terrible attack. She shut out the horrible memories of Mr. D and the debacle that followed. It was a nightmare. But this . . . this was pure bliss . . .

Firm lips pressed between her thighs. Falon shuddered, the intense pleasure of the contact too much for her to bear. Releasing the sheets, she dug her fingers into the thick silken hair on the head between her thighs. An erotic rush coursed through her. She could feel the muscled jaw, open and moving as he . . .

“Oh, God,” she moaned as a thick wet tongue swirled across her hardened clitoris. “Oh, God,” she moaned again, her breath hard and forced. “Oh, God.” She couldn’t help herself. She dug her nails further into the thick hair, raking his scalp. A low masculine growl vibrated against her.

Lips gently suckled her labia as big hands fondled her breasts, and fingertips plucked her nipples. Sensation shot through her nervous system, lighting her up. She arched her back, spreading herself wider, wanting all of the man who tortured her so.

She’d been alone so long. So cold. So hungry. This extraordinary feeling of being wanted felt too good to stop.

Magic hands and supple fingertips branded every inch of her. Falon writhed, barely able to control her body’s voracious response to the master’s touch. She held nothing back, every inhibition had fled at his first touch. It was a dream or she had been drugged. She didn’t care which, she only cared that it never stopped.

Strong hands grasped the cradle of her hips, lifting her drenched pussy more firmly to molten lips. “Please,” she begged. “Please.”

He growled, attacking her with the ferocity of a starved man. Fear shimmered through her at his rough handling. But her body wept for more. He caught her clit in his teeth and tugged, laving her to soften the intensity. The air around her simmered, she gasped unable to breathe. He sunk a long, thick finger into her virgin body. Her liquid muscles hugged him in welcome. Falon’s eyes rolled back into her head as her body wracked with exquisite pleasure. Her lungs hurt in their desperation for air. Perspiration erupted along her flesh, slickening her eager hot body. Her hips bucked wildly, demanding more. He gave her more.

He slid another finger into her wanton pussy, then in a slow deliberate cadence, he fucked her as his lips clung possessively to her clit.

It was too much. Falon cried out in sensation overload, yet her fingers clutched and clawed at him, wanting him to go deeper.

He snarled. The tension in her body rose. Fingers dug into her ass. Her body thrashed. The fingers inside of her curled and tapped a sweet spot. Falon screamed. The tension snapped. Her body shattered. She didn’t know if she would live or die. She didn’t care.

“You are mine,” a rough voice growled against her trembling thighs. “Mine.”

“Yes,” Falon gasped.

Cold air spiraled across her body.

“No,” she gasped when she wanted to scream. Weep.

Her dream, her lovely, lovely dream, was ending.

The bed dipped on either side of her head as her dream lover planted his hands there. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid if she did, her dream would be gone from her forever. Warm breath caressed her cheek. Warmer lips pressed to her neck. Her body liquefied as the tension eased. He wasn’t leaving her.

A long, lean, blistering body pressed against hers. Power washed off him in waves. Even if she wanted to run, he would never allow it. His possession was final. Intuitively she knew it.

Falon held her breath for one long moment as she steeled herself. Anticipating . . . His cock pressed against her belly. She moaned as he dragged its heavy thickness downward, stopping between her thighs. He grabbed it with his hand and rubbed the wide head up and down along her drenched lips. She moaned, wanting all of him but suddenly afraid. She stiffened.

He growled and nudged against her slick opening. Unbelievably, despite how much she knew her body wanted it, she felt its instinctive resistance.

“Accept me,” his harsh, husky voice demanded above her.

“Please,” she begged. “Don’t hurt me.”

He growled, the sound not threatening, but indignant.

His long fingers dug into her hair. His warm breath caressed her cheek. She dared to open her eyes. Her heart stopped. Deep ocean blue eyes glittered like molten jewels above her. Wide-eyed she could not look away.

“Accept me,” he roughly said again, nudging her.

Like quicksilver, excitement thrummed through her veins. Her breath rushed from her lungs as her heart restarted. She would not deny him. In doing so, she would deny herself. She closed her eyes as every part of her loosened. Finally, she would know how a man would feel inside her.

In answer, she undulated beneath his hardness pressing for entry.

He pressed his lips to her ear. “Say the words: I accept you.”

She gasped at the raw passion of his words, the tone possessive and commanding.

“Say it!” he hissed. His body coiled above hers, like a serpent ready to strike.

“I-I accept you,” she breathed.


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