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Review: Mercy Burns by Keri Arthur

May 17, 2011

Book 2 in the Myth and Magic

Mercy Reynolds is a  "draman", she is half human, half air dragon.  Although she has never been able to shift, she has the ability to harness her fire powers in ways only pure bloods are capable of.   She also happens to be a tenacious reporter in the San Francisco Bay area.   Now, the search for answers will test her powers and change her life forever.

Mercy’s childhood friend, Rainey has asked for her help to solve her sister's murder. The search leads to a terrible accident that leaves Rainey dead, and Mercy only five days to find who is responsible.  It soon becomes obvious that someone doesn't want the truth to be known.  Mercy's finds herself held prisoner with a stranger called "Muerte".

The mysterious stranger called  “Muerte,” has joined forces with Mercy.  He's mystical and secretive manner only makes him more attractive to Mercy.   Her dragon responds to Muerte in every way imaginable.  The journey to the truth will take lives and Mercy will have to face her nightmares. 

I give this book a 4/5


Magical!  Draconic!  Enthralling!   Dragons are so my new addiction. Keri Arthur gets up close and personal with these magical beast.   Her storytelling powers allow you to fly and view the world as only a dragon can.  I loved the bond Mercy has with her dragon spirit.  "Muerte" is all man, deliciously dark with all the bonus attributes of a dragon. All I can say is, "When does the next book in the series come out?"

Favorite Quote:  "Oh, I respect you," he said, his voice a whisper through my soul.  "In fact, I intend to respect every single inch of you." ~Damon ~ aka "Muerte"

Publisher:  Dell

Source code:  R


  1. 。☆ 。☆。☆
    ............. I gotta check this one out!

  2. This author is not really my kind of thing, but perhaps this new series is more to my taste.


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