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Review: The Color of Heaven by E.V. Mitchell

May 3, 2011

Sophie Duncan was a woman who had it all, a successful career, an amazing husband and a beautiful daughter.  She had the fairytale life we all dream of, that is until tragedy tears her world apart.

The day Sophie learns of her daughter's illness everything in her life begins to shift, she begins to see life in a completely different light.  Every moment is to be treasured and every milestone a reason to celebrate.  Hope is all that is keeping Sophie from despair, as her marriage deteriorates beneath the emotional strain of their child's illness.

When Sophie's daughter died, Sophie was left in a hollow world without comfort.  She is lost and she feels her life no longer has a course.  Everything will change when Sophie's car plummets into a frozen lake. She will journey on uncharted waters and her spirit will set a new course.

I give this book a 4/5

Resonating!!!   Profound!!!  Vivid!   A story that will leave us all contemplating our lives.  As we glimpse the pain, only a mother can comprehend, we are filled with sorrow and share Sophie's pain. This book is a
deeply moving journey that Sophie shares with readers.  Her spiritual spectrum of experiences will leave us all asking questions.  The story resonated with me on so many levels and I am confident that many a reader will  share my feelings.  The Color of Heaven is a must read!  E.V. Mitchell writes as if it where she who walked upon uncharted waters.   I can't wait to see what Ms. Mitchell has in store for us next.  This would be a terrific Mother's Day gift. 

E.V. Mitchell is the pseudonym for Julianne MacLean, USA Today bestselling author

Publisher: Blue Ocean (March 23, 2011)

Source Code: A/P

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  1. I find it sometimes difficult to read stories where there is a lot of heartache and pain but halfway through this book sounds very intriguing.


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