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May 9, 2011

claimedbyahighlander  CLAIMED BY THE HIGHLANDER
The Highlander Trilogy Book Two
by Julianne MacLean
Excerpt from Chapter One

   “I am Angus Bradach MacDonald! Son of the fallen Laird MacDonald, true master of Kinloch Castle!” His voice was deep and thunderous. It rumbled mightily inside her chest.

“Kinloch belongs to me by right of birth! I hereby declare myself laird and chief!”

“Kinloch belongs to the MacEwens now!” someone shouted from below. “By Letters of Fire and Sword, issued by King George of Great Britain!”

“If ye want it back,” Angus growled, stepping forward to the edge of the rooftop, “then raise your sword and fight me!”

His challenge was met with silence, until Gwendolen was overcome by a blast of anger so hot, she could not control or contain it.

“Angus Bradach MacDonald!” she shouted from the dark, outraged depths of her soul. “Hear me now! I am Gwendolen MacEwen, daughter of the MacEwen chief who won this castle by fair and lawful means! I am leader here, and I will fight you!”

It was not until that moment that she realized she had marched to the edge of the rooftop and drawn her saber, which she was now pointing at him from across the distance.

Her heart pummeled her chest. She had never felt more exhilarated. It was intoxicating. She wished there was not this expanse of separation between them. If there were a bridge from one tower to the other, she would dash across it and fight him to the death.

“Gwendolen MacEwen!” he shouted in reply. “Daughter of my enemy! Ye have been defeated!”

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  1. Mmm this sounds really promising! I want to read this one! Love some yummie highlanders every now and then ;)


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