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Review: River Marked by Patricia Briggs

Mar 29, 2011

Book 6 in the Mercy Thompson series


Mercy Thompson is beyond unique, she is a coyote shifter who was raised by werewolves. She is a VW mechanic that has had trouble find her on more than one occasion. Mercy  has always felt alone, like an outsider, especially since she has never met another like her.  She has always yearned to know more about her father, a coyote shifter.  Mercy’s world is finally complete with her mate and now, her new husband, Adam Hauptman.

Mercy and Adam are on their honeymoon, lush camping grounds along the Columbia Gorge, and they have it all to themselves.  What could possibly go wrong on their honeymoon?

I’ll give you 5 clues.
1- The fae thought it would be a good idea for Mercy and Adam to camp along the gorge.
2.  Adam has a strange feeling of impending danger, that he can’t seem to shake.
3.  Mercy has seen an Indian ghost dance for her.
4.  While swimming in the river, Mercy thinks she sees something in the water.
5.  Mercy finally meets her father’s people, shifters.

In the deep waters of the Columbia River lingers evil.  Evil lies at the bottom of the river, waiting for victims.   It is more than clear to Mercy that she and Adam will have to do everything in their powers to destroy the creature.

I gave this book a 4 out of 5

Sensational! Thrilling!  Mercy Thompson is back! I have been following this series since the beginning, and let me tell you, I never know what’s in store for me.  River Marked is addictive from the start, twist and turns and magic keep you glued to the pages. Mercy and Adam’s love story leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.  Ms. Patricia Briggs does not disappoint, Mercy is as endearing as ever and everyone wishes they could be like her. Mercy grokked the river and was able to dangle us on her every action and word.  Where else would you be able to find a  a kick-ass heroine, a “knock out” of a werewolf, shifters and an evil draconic monster in a river? 

Favorite Quote:    For a smile like that I’d…do anything.--Mercy

Mine.  He was mine, and not even death would take him from me—not if I could help it.---Mercy

Publisher:   Ace Books


  1. You might just get me to read one of these books someday. They don't seem Jane Austin like, but if you like it...I must give it a try!! ~ Helen

  2. Damn...that's in my TBR pile...must pull it up to be read NEXT...nice....

  3. YAY! great review! LOVE this series and this was a great book! =D

  4. I *love* it!! Totally love this review of yours. *smiles* My copy is full of posty flags and had fave quotes as well! XD


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