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Review: Love Bleeds by Maggie James

Mar 30, 2011

Book 1 in the Only After Dark Series

Katarina Renót has finally taken that much deserved vacation and brought her best gal pal, Nina, along for the ride.  Nina can be described as a bit of a romantic and a believer in all things that go bump in the night. Kat, however, has never been one to believe in love at first sight or the supernatural. For her they’ve always been fairy tales designed to frighten little children.  She and Nina find themselves at a Dublin night club, where the scenery is nothing short of spectacular.   Could love at first sight actually exist? 

Joseph Markus is the lead singer of his band, Slang, and the owner of ‘Graphica’, a local night club.  He also happens to be a wealthy vampire, and a connoisseur of beautiful women. Attracting women and taking what he wants has never been a problem for him, until now…

Kat is weary of Joe, he has the ability to draw forth feelings from the depths of her soul.  She yearns for things completely foreign to her psyche.  How is it possible to have such strong feelings, for a person she just met?  Joe has never had a woman effect him in the manner Kat has.  She consumes his thoughts and desires.  He doesn’t understand how it is plausible. She should be under his thrall, yet it is he who is under her spell. 

While Kat and Joe are trying to come to grips with their every growing attraction, enemies lurk near.  Revenge comes in the form of Slade, an obsessed vampire, that will stop at nothing.  Slade will have his revenge, he will make sure that every thing Joe cares for is destroyed right before his eyes.  Then and only then will he kill him. 

I gave this book 3.5 out of 5

3.5 stars

Sexy!  Titillating! Seductive! LOVE BLEEDS explodes onto the paranormal scene with alluring and exhilarating characters!  Ms. Maggie James brings in a fresh and unique take on vampires.  Her writing style allows you hear all sides of the story, and then some.  Joe and Kat's passion has the ability to ignite flames. This book is an exciting sample of what Maggie James will bring to the table in future books.  Ms. James left me with the desire to hang out with Kat and Nina, and have a beer. I highly recommend this book if your looking for a paranormal romance.

Favorite Quote: “This fall from grace, I see your face.  Your love was kind yet left me scarred and blind…”  -Joe

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

Source Code:  R


  1. ooooh this sounds good! Great review hon! =D

  2. (I tried to post this the other day but something went wrong and it wouldnt
    Thanks for the awesome review Dana, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it so much
    ---Hope it brings in alot of fans for Love Bleeds!
    You're the best-thanks again!!


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