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Review: Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole

Mar 4, 2011

Book 9 in the Immortals After Dark Series

Beautiful  Reginlet  the Radiant One is a Valkyrie, known for her fierce fighting skills.  Her sisters know her as the happy-go-lucky, prankster Valkyrie.  As she fights the enemy on her home turf of New Orleans, she is stabbed by the one man she has been waiting to make an appearance, Aidan the Fierce.  

Declan Chase lives to kill the creatures that destroyed his family.  He is a member of the Order, a secretively funded group that is capturing the immortal creatures of the Lore.  He’s job is to capture them, and to extract as much information as possible with torture, their main technique of finding answers. He has been sent to capture the famous Regin the Radiant, and he always gets his target for the Order.

Warlord Aidan the Fierce has died, time and time again, only to be reincarnated.   Each time he is born again he has no memory of his past lives.  His memories return only when he kisses his beloved Regin, his mate.   Regin the Radiant dreads each reincarnation, she knows that Aidan will die before he can become immortal  and marry her.  She has had to watch him die each time. Now, she can only watch in horror and in shock as Aidan stabs her.

Declan has no knowledge of his past lives.  He is confused by his feelings toward Regin, his enemy.  He dreams with Regin and it is affecting his ability to extract information from the her. He feels ill at the thought of harming her. Declan is powerless to the changes in his psyche, the Valkyrie brings peace to his tortured soul. Declan soon learns of his identity, and is overwhelmed by truths and his actions against the immortals.
Regin doesn’t want to watch Aidan die again.  She is tired of loosing him to the curse.  Declan is so different from Aidan, yet the same in so many ways.  She knows that she will loose him if he remembers her.  The Order’s secret facility is under attack and Declan’s only concern is to save Regin.  They are  surrounded by the enemy and will have to make allies in order to escape.

Will Regin be able to save Declan from the arms of death?  Will Regin and Aidan ever be able to have their happy ever after?

I gave this book a 5/5

Sumptuous! Amazing! Marvelous! Kresley Cole is a “Wordplay Master”.  Declan Chase has to be Cole’s most dark, tortured, dream of a man to date.  Ms. Cole has taken her art to the next level.  Dreams of a Dark Warrior will carry you through five lifetimes of love.  The chemistry between Regin and Declan will leave you breathless.  Their love for each other knows no bounds. 


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  2. argh, I so need to start this series! great review =D

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