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When Pleasure Rules by J.K. Beck

Nov 21, 2010

Book 2 in the Shadow Keepers series


When human bodies start to crop up around L.A., right away the finger pointing starts. Vampires or Werewolves?  Are they being set up?

Werewolves ask their top man, Vincent Rand, better known as Rand, to investigate.  He is one hot werewolf on a mission.  He is determined to get the answers needed in solving the crimes.  The only thing he didn’t count on was finding the beautiful and alluring succubus, Lissa Monroe.

Lissa Monroe finds herself in the middle of an investigation that she has no desire to be a part of.  If she wants to save those she holds dear, she has no choice but to cooperate with the PEC.  She is torn when she is asked to betray the one man that has every  made her feel, in this lifetime.   She has never felt the way she does with Rand.  How will she ever be able to come through for the PEC?

Rand and Lissa find themselves in the middle of a political and shadow war.  Can they make it work, or will they just walk away from each other?  Will the L.A. deaths be solved? Who can we trust?  Could there be another player in the mix?

When Pleasure Rules

I gave this book 4/5


This book rocked!!! This book outshines the first book!  Hot characters, intense sex, emotional rollercoaster. J.K. Beck outdid herself.  I’m going right away to Book 3, When Wicked Craves.

Favorite Quote: "You weren't in any danger," he said. "And if I was?" He didn't falter, but met her eyes, and when he spoke, she heard the truth in his words. "They'd all be dead.” (Rand)

This book was purchased by Readaholics Anonymous.

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