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“His Darkest Embrace” by Juliana Stone

Nov 13, 2010

Paranormal Romance
   Juliana takes us back to the Belizean jungle for her secblack%20jag%20zooond book in the Jaguar Warrior series. It takes us back to where the first book in the series “His Darkest Hunger” left us.  We find Skye Knightly, a shifter, running from Cormac O’Hara, and striving to seal the portal of the demon realm. She will do everything in her power to stop evil . 
She is one lucky gal when  Jagger Castille saves her from the DeCosta jaguars trying to capture her.  Jagger is a Jaugar shifter and  has been missing since the end of the first book.  He has been fighting his demons that were brought back form his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.   He has been hiding in the jungle and had no desire to be around the real world, until the beautiful Skye happen to interrupt his peace and solitude.  He swears to protect her at all cost, he will not let another innocent die.
Jagger and Skye must overcome the evil that now surrounds the Belizean jungle   Skye must fulfill her destiny and pay the price.  She will trust the Jagger with everything.  The emotions they begin to feel for each other can not be described.  Their destiny awaits them!!!
I give this book 4/4 .
His Darkest Embrace (Avon)
I truly enjoyed this book.  I just come across Juiliana’s work last month and I’m hooked.  I see great things in her future.  It’s a must read.
This book was purchased by Readaholics Anonymous

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