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ETERNAL HUNGER by Laura Wright

Nov 20, 2010


Eternal Hunger is the first book in the Mark of the Vampire series.


Alexander Roman has escaped a childhood of pain and suffering to have the life he now enjoys with his brothers.  No longer can the Order control their lives.
That’s all about to change when his life is saved by the beautiful Dr. Sara Donohue.  Sara is a dedicated doctor who has sworn to save the lives of her patients, especially that of her brother’s.  When a deranged ex patient tries to harm her, Alexander steps in to protect her.  Although she is human, and not a vampire, Alexander can not stop himself from wanting her.
The Order is now playing with Alexander and his brother’s lives.  They hold all the cards and Alexander will protect his brothers at all cost.  The games the Order plays are dangerous and place Sara in danger as well. 
Alexander will no longer be able to ignore his feelings for Sara.  Sara will live the life she has always been denied in the arms of Alexander.
Great book.  First paranormal book I’ve read from Laura Wright.  Great characters and a creative paranormal world in her first book in the series.  Can’t wait for the second book in the series, “Eternal Kiss” for sale in April of 2011. 
Eternal Hunger: Mark of the Vampire
I gave this book 4/5
Favorite Quote:  "You are mine," he growled into her ear, making her shiver. "Forever. My eternal love." 


This book was purchased by Readaholics Anonymous.

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