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Review: Masked by Moonlight by Nancy Gideon

Aug 2, 2010

What do you get when you put a silk tied, Armani wearing, mob bodyguard with a sexy, tough as nails, New Orleans detective together?

Max Savoie is the bodyguard to one of New Orleans most notorious mob bosses. The horrific death of his mother tied Mac to Jimmy Legere, mobster extraordinaire, when he was a small lost child. Mac’s love and loyalty for Jimmy is unshakable. Until circumstances bring the lovely Det. Caisse into his world once again. Yet, Max has secrets he must keep hidden at all cost.

Charlotte Caissie is a sassy experienced New Orleans detective. She is tenacious and will stop at nothing for justice. She has personal grievances with Jimmy Legere. He will pay for all his evil deeds, nothing will stand in her way. Until she comes face to face with Max. She will protect Max from anyone that wants to harm him.

Max and Charlotte can’t fight the attraction they feel for each other. Their worlds are vastly different, but in each others arms they are complete. Secrets will be revealed and a deep burning love will be born. Can Max and Charlotte be overcome the challenges ahead?

Steamy, sexy, and a warm and fuzzy read!!!

This is the first book in her paranormal romance set in the New Orleans. I was delighted to find a great new exciting series. Nancy’s characters come alive in this book.

Favorite Quote: "The wrapper identified the deceased as Top Sirloin."

I give this book 4/5

This book was purchsed Readaholics Anonymous.


  1. I enjoyed Masked By Moonlight as well. The next two books in this series are great too! I love Max. He's different from your typical PNR hero.

  2. Every review I read of this book just makes me want it more. LOL.

    Adding it to my wishlist.


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