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Jul 6, 2010

If you're like me, you have tons of books. I really can't stand the way they smell when they sit on the shelf. I have a great tidbit for book lovers. When you dust off your books in the library, take it one step further. Take a fabric softener sheet (I use Snuggle) for the dryer, and rub the book with it (Dry not wet.). I rub the cover of the book (front and back) and the front and back flyleaf. This gently dusts and deodorizes the book. Nice clean and fresh smelling books, it's a
"no-brainer". This trick is good for both hardcovers and paperbacks.


  1. I'm hopping by from For The Love of Reading Group Blog. But I had to post here because that is an awesome tidbit! I love it! And I will have to let you know if it works when I try it.

    (My library is in the basement so it needs some freshness.)

    I'm def a follower!!


  2. Have stopped by via the hop. Great blog! I'm afraid I'm even further gone in book-addiction than just a readaholic....I happen to love the smell of old, dusty books. Walking into an out-of-the-way used book store that's stuffed to the gills with them is pure heaven for me. It's interesting, because as I've gotten older I've had more & more trouble with allergies...but book dust doesn't affect them at all. My addiction must give me immunity. :-)


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