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Jul 5, 2010

My little island has gone a bit crazy. The majority of my young adult life was spent growing up in the states. I now live in the Caribbean (PR) and am loving it, but on occasions I miss living in the states. There is great turmoil here, as well in the states, with the loss of jobs. Finger pointing and protesting are not making a difference. Last week protesters and the police had an ugly encounter in front of the capital building in San Juan. It saddens me to see such harsh treatment against my fellow islanders. (Granted some of the protesters had ulterior motives) The truth of the matter is that unless you have felt and lived in the shoes of those less fortunate, you as a lawmakers (making $100,000 plus) are clueless. It's time they get in touch with life for those who aren't wealthy. The view is not the same from the top. It's not politics, it's humanity. They need to find new reading material, and get in touch with living pay check to paycheck! Read, become knowledgeable, then make decisions.

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