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Going Back and Visiting Old Friends

Jul 3, 2010

I'm always reading, and waiting to read the next book, but this past week I've gone back to read the first book in the series. I have the "read them and leave them" mentality. Although I never get rid of them. This past week I read Lynn Viehl's second book in the Kyndred Series, "Dreamveil". I loved it, but as I was finishing the story and then later after the sneak peak of the next book, decided I was going back to read the first book, "Shadowlight". As I started reading Shadowlight, I had a blast. The depth of Rowan in the first book is incredible. I love the part where she describes her relationship with hunger. The following is an excerpt from "Shadowlight", were Rowan is remembering her past. "It was hunger that she feared. That grinning death-headed motherfucker..." You feel her obsession with food as if it were your own. So, if you are currently reading a sequel, GO BACK, and read the first book or books. I found that Lyynn Viehl did a superb job of staying true to her character and bring her to life in the second book. It's because of this dedication to the craft, that draws the book flies like me back for more, and sometimes the need to visit great old friends is a must. Read Shadowlight again and then read Dreamveil by Lynn Viehl, you will catch up on old friends and meet new ones. Happy Reading!!!!

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